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Full text of "Catalogue of the renowned collection of objects of art and decoration of Mr. E. Joseph; first portion"

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9. '~-* - Jiis 



John G. Johnson Collection 



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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 




0B?£€f 8 %W AUT 




Mr. E. JOSEPIi, 

0/ 158, 2Veu> Bond Street, 



a&ltil \st £ollr tty auction, bj> 



On TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1890, 


Each Portion may be publicly viewed Saturday and Monday preceding. 

Catalogues of the whole Collection Three Shillings each. 

Catalogues of each Portion One Shilling each. 

Illustrated Catalogues of the whole Collection, Price Seven Shillings 
and Sixpence each, may be had of M. Mannheim, M. Stkttiner, and 
M. Sichel, of Paris ; M. Lewy, Senr., of Berlin ; M. H. Egger, Openring, 
Vienna; Messrs. Goldschmidt, of Frankfort; M. .Boasberg, and MM. 
Hamburger, Bros., of Amsterdam ; and at Messrs. Christie, Manson aud 
Woods' Offices, 8, King Street, St. James's Square, London. 


I. THE highest Bidder to be the Buyer ; and if any dispute arise 
between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be 
immediately put up again and re-sold. 

II. No person to advance less than Is. ; above Five Pounds, 5s. ; 
and so on in proportion. 

III. In the case of Lots upon which there is a reserve, the Auctioneer 

shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller. 

IV. The Purchasers to give in their Names and Places of Abode, 

and to pay down 5s. in the pound, or more, in part of payment, 
or the whole of the Purchase-Money, if required ; in default 
of which, the Lot or Lots so purchased to be immediately put 
up again and re- sold. 

V. The Lots to be taken away and paid for, whether genuine and 
authentic or not, with all faults and errors of description, at 
the Buyer's expense and risk, within Two days from the Sale ; 
Messrs. Christie, Manson and Woods not being responsible 
for the correct description, genuineness, or authenticity of, 
or any fault or defect in, any Lot, and making no warranty 

VI. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery, and inconvenience in the 
settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can on any account be 
removed during the time of Sale ; and the remainder of the 
Purchase-Money must absolutely be paid on the delivery. 

VII. Upon failure of complying with the above Conditions, the Money 
deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited ; all Lots un- 
cleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold by public or 
private Sale, and the deficiency (if any) attending such re-sale 
shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale. 




First Day's Sale. — Tuesday, May 6. 

Old English, French, Italian, and German Silver Plate ; Old French 
Bijouterie and Small Objects of Art ; Snuffboxes ; Dresden 
Porcelain ; Old French Furniture and Decorative Objects. 

Second Day's Sale. — Wednesday, May 7. 

Old French Bijouterie ; Snuffboxes ; Miniatures ; Carvings in Wood ; 
Old German and other Metal Work; Chinese and Dresden 
Porcelain ; Old French Furniture and Decorative Objects. 

Third Day's Sale. — Thursday, May 8. 

Old English Bijouterie ; English Miniatures ; Chelsea, Sevres, and 
Meneot Porcelain ; Carvings in Ivory ; Old Italian and German 
Powder-flasks and other Implements ; Italian Bronzes and 
Metal Work ; and Old French Furniture and Decorative 

Fourth Day's Sale. — Friday, May 9. 

Venetian Glass ; Cinque Cento Italian Jewels ; Italian Carvings in 
Ivory and Wood ; Italian Bronzes ; Italian Medals and Pla- 
quettes ; Dresden and other German Porcelain ; Faience, Urbino, 
and Gubbio Ware ; Limoges Enamels ; and Old French Furniture 
and Decopative Objects. 

b 2 


Fifth Day's Sale.— Tuesday, May 20. 

Chinese and Japanese Porcelain ; French and other Small Objects op 
Art and Vertu ; French Miniatures ; French and Flemish Carvings 
in Ivory ; Italian Metal Work ; Terra-cottas ; Arms ; Old French 
Furniture and Decorative Objects. 

Sixth Day's Sale.— Wednesday, May 21. 

Old French Bijouterie and various Small Objects of Art ; Snuff- 
boxes, with Old French Miniatures ; Old French Fans ; Chinese 
and Sevres Porcelain ; Florentine and Venetian Bronzes ; and 
Old French Decorative Furniture. 

Seventh Day's Sale.— Thursday, May 22. 

Old English Objects of Art and Vertu; Old French Bijouterie and 
Snuffboxes; German Objects of Art; Carvings in Agate and 
other Hard Materials ; Wood Carvings ; Old Dresden Porcelain ; 
Old French Bronzes; Terra-cottas; Old French and other 
Decorative Furniture. 


Eighth Day's Sale.— Tuesday, June 10. 

Manuscripts op the XVth and XVIth Century; Venetian Glass and 
Enamel ; Italian Carvings, in Eock Crystal ; Italian Carvings, 
in Ivory and Wood ; Oriental Objects of Art ; Old French 
Furniture, and Objects of Art. 

Ninth Day's Sale. — Wednesday, June 11. 

Old English Miniatures, Snuffboxes ; Old French Bijouterie, Musical 
Instruments ; Old Italian Bronzes, Metal Work, and Others ; 
Menecy Porcelain Scent Bottles ; Old Sevres Porcelain ; Old 
French Furniture and Decorative Objects. 

Tenth Day's Sale.— Thursday, June 12. 

Old French Miniatures, Enamels ; Old French and other Bijouterie, 
Snuffboxes, and Etuis ; Old Italian Bijouterie and Small Objects 
of Art; Old French Metal Work; Old French Furniture and 
Decorative Objects. 

Eleventh Day's Sale. — Friday, June 13. 

Old English Miniatures ; Old French Bijouterie and Objects of 
Art ; Snuffboxes and Etuis ; Old French and other Decorative 
Objects ; including the fine Casket by Jamnitzer, of Augsburg ; 
Sculpture ; and the Unrivalled Collection of Miniatures by 
Richard Cosway, R.A., and Contemporaries. 



First Day's Sale. 
On TUESDAY, MAY 6, 1890, 



1 A Set of Ten Table Candlesticks, of Gothic design, the stems 

formed as clustered columns, on feet chased with ornaments — 
date 1767 

2 An Oblong Toasted Cheese-dish, with threaded border, with 


3 A Pair of Oval-shaped Liqueur-stands, finely chased with wreaths 

of vine foliage and grapes, and with racks chased with masks 
and festoons of foliage, and with gadroon borders, on scroll feet, 
each with two cut-glass bottles, with silver covers chased with 
vines — hall mark 1747 

4 A Tankard, beautifully engraved with a landscape, peasants, and 

cattle, and double shield of arms in border of flowers, with scroll 
handles — hall mark 11 bl 

5 Another, chased with a unicorn in high relief, and scroll border — 

hall mark 1716 

6 A Circular Waiter, the border chased with festoons and other 

ornaments and with beaded edge, the centre engraved with 
flowers and scrolls and a coat-of-arms — 9 in. diam., date 1788, 
with makers mark of John Harris 


7 A Pair of Table Candlesticks, the stems boldly chased with 

flowers and scroll ornaments, the feet with four male and female 
masks, flowers, and scrolls 

8 A Circular Salyer, with shaped and chased border, the centre 

engraved with a shield of arms, scrolls, and flowers, and with 
festoons of flowers, shells, and scrolls round the edge —18^ in. 

9 A Plain Square Canister, with gadrooned border — hall mark 


10 A Square Waiter, with shaped and chased border, the centre 

engraved with a coat-of-arms in border of scrolls— date 1725 
From Lady Holesworth's Collection 

11 A Snuffer-tray, with handle, on three feet, engraved underneath 

with cipher and scroll ornaments — temp. Queen Anne 

12 An Oyal Silver Plaque, engraved with the portraits of Queen 

Henrietta Maria and Prince Henry and Princess, and shields of 
arms and long inscription on the reverse by Simon de Passe 

13 An £pergne, formed of an oval dish chased with bearded masks and 

border of ornaments, and fitted with scroll branches for six 
candles, supported by two figures of river gods — on oblong- 
shaped plinth, chased with lizards, fish, bulrushes, and other 
aquatic plants, the feet formed as masks terminating in shells, in 
the style of Louis XY. — 22 h in. high 

14 An Old English Silyer-gilt Hand Candlestick, with gadrooned 

border and chased handle — date 1666 

15 A Scotch Mull, formed of a ram's horn, mounted with silver chased 

with thistles 


16 A Flat Egg-stand, with four oval compartments, chased with 

fob age and flowers, on four scroll feet 

17 An Oval Inkstand, with richly chased and fluted border, with 

pounce-box, inkpot, and bell 

18 A Cruet-stand, pierced and engraved with ornaments, with fluted 

and engraved caster and two cut-glass cruets, with four marks 

19 A Pair of Louis XVI. Circular Stands for Desskrt-dishes, 

chased with rams' heads, festoons of oak foliage, and on feet 
formed as hoofs 

20 A Pair of Louis XV. Double Saltcellars, of open design, boldly 

chased with scrolls, foliage, and fruit, and fitted with blue glass 
liners with silver rims — Paris hall mark, and date 1758 

21 An Oblong-shaped Tureen and Liner, of Louis XIV. design, 

with rounded ends, the sides chased with masks — on four feet, 
formed as female busts terminating in goats' feet, on plinths with 
chased border — the cover and lower part decorated with raised 
strap-work and chased with foliage — Paris hall mark 

22 A Louis XIV. Cup and Cover, finely chased with busts on 

pedestals in niches, scrolls and vases of flowers, the lower part 
spirally fluted, the cover surmounted by a draped female bust — 
hall marked 

23 A Louis XV. Mounting, of silvered metal, finely chased with two 

figures of cupids supporting a shield, from which festoons of 
flowers are suspended 

24 An Octagonal Inkstand, on scroll feet, with gadrooned border and 

two handles, engraved with a double shield-of-arms surmounted 
by a coronet, and fitted with two large silver-mounted inkpots, 
matchpot, and case for a pen wiper — Paris hall mark 

25 A Louis XV. Urn and Cover, chased on each side with river 

scenes, fishermen, and sportsmen, and with scrolls, foliage, and 
flowers — on foot chased with animals, birds, and other decoration, 
the cover surmounted by a group of flowers — Augsburg hall mark, 
and date 1768 

26 An Oblong -shaped Openwork Louis XVI. Casket, of silver, with 

engraved medallion heads, festoons of foliage and trellis ornaments 
containing three silver caddies with engraved lids 

27 A Pair of Louis XVI. Double Saltcellars, pierced and chased 

with lions' masks, festoons of foliage, and shields with cipher, 
each surmounted by figures of a dog and a boar 


28 An Oval Soup-tureen, chased with satyrs' heads, two large and 

two smaller masks, foliage, and scrolls, the handles formed as 
dolphins — on feet formed as female winged busts, terminating in 

29 A Louis XV. Sconce, formed as figures of Flora and Ceres, seated 

upon a cloud, bearing cornucopiae, and with branches for two 
lights formed as poppy flowers, and knot of ribbon in the centre 

30 A Parcel-gilt Tumbler-cup, the border chased with four classical 

male and female heads in oval medallions, and engraved with 
scroll and trellis ornament, and gilt inside — hall mark 

31 A Circular Plaque, of silver gilt, with the bust of Louis XIV. 

in armour, in relief signed " F. Cheron " — 2| in. diam. 

32 A Circular Silver Plaque, engraved with the two hemispheres, 

by Simon de Passe — 6 J in. diam. 

33 A Louis XY. Silver Table Lamp, with burners for four lights, 

on chased stem and foot, with silver shade, chased with festoons 
of laurel and scroll ornaments 

34 A Circular Eepousse Silver Plaque, with the Eape of Europa 

in high relief — 5J in. diam. — in glazed wood frame 


35 A Circular Silver Plaque, beautifully chased with the Three 

Graces in a garden, and inscribed " Anno domini millesimo 
DLYIII. ; " and the companion, with a lady and gentleman at a 
fountain, surmounted by a figure of Cupid, with Latin inscription 
round the border — 2f in. diam. 

36 A Large Miniature Frame, chased with scroll ornaments — 12 in. 

by 1 Of in. 

37 A Casket, with dome-shaped top, of Italian silver filigree, on scroll 

feet, and with loose handles, the lock formed as a heart — 4J in. 
high by 6 J in. wide 

38 A Two-handled Bowl, of silver filigree, with border and foot of 

twisted silver, and similar ornaments in relief 


39 A Silver Cross, the front engraved with a figure of the Madonna, 

a bird, flowers, and emblems, the back decorated with ornaments 
in flat chasing, and enamelled in colours — xoork of the 15th 

40 A Triple Silver-gilt Salt-cellar, formed as three shells, on 

foot chased with shells and other ornament, surmounted by a 
figure of Cupid. 

41 A Small Silver Casket, with dome top, with masks, scrolls, and 

fruit in flat chasing 

42 A Silver Spoon, with spout, the handle chased with a bird, mask, 

and fruit, and surmounted by a figure with a cross 

43 An Octagonal Silver Scent-bottle, with twenty-four compart- 

ments, engraved with subjects from the Book of Genesis, and 
arabesques — by Theodore de Brie 

44 A Cup with Flat Cover, and with applique silver-gilt decoration, 

pierced and elaborately chased with masks and arabesques, and 
with Aurora and other mythological subjects in four medallions, 
on stem formed as a boy holding a rudder and standing on a 
globe — on circular foot — 6f in. high 

45 A Cup, formed as a shell of silver, surmounted by a figure of Neptune 

seated, guiding two horses of silver-gilt, and decorated with 
terminal winged figures and bands of the same, on stem formed 
as a Naiad seated on a dolphin of silver-gilt — on marble plinth — 
9 J- in. high 

46 A Glass Drinking-cup, with gilt flowers and foliage, and mounted 

with bands and borders of silver, in open work silver-gilt case, 
delicately wrought with oak and laurel foliage and groups of 
flowers suspended by ribbons . 

47 An Oblong Silver-gilt Plaque, chased with the Madonna and 

Infant Saviour enthroned, and with allegorical figures in high 
relief in the foreground, saints and arabesque ornaments in low 
relief in the background, in the style of the 16th century 

48 A Circular Miniature Frame, of silver- gilt, the border chased 

with raised band of ornaments 



49 A Curious Old Speaking-trumpet, with double-headed eagles and 

ornaments in flat chasing 

50 A Tajble-spoon, with chased flat handle, in old leather case, stamped 

with the baptism of Christ, angels and emblems in gold, and with 
German inscription 

51 A Silver Padlock, chased with an animal, bird, and flowers 

52 A Eeliquaire, formed as a square tower, with pierced sides and 

drawer, a soldier bearing a flag at each corner, surmounted by a 
spire, with figure of a standard bearer, on stem, with scroll 
ornaments and circular foot — 10 in. high 

53 A Circular Silver-gilt Medallion, engraved with the Marriage 

of St. Catherine, and Saints adoring Christ 
53a A Silver Medallion, engraved with similar subjects, and inscrip- 

54 A Silver-gilt Girdle, with arabesque ornament in flat chasiDg — 

Hungarian work of the 16th century 

55 A Drum-shaped Box and Cover, of silver-gilt, overlaid with 

pierced and chased filigree ornament, enamelled in colours, and 
engraved underneath with a shield of arms, helmet, and scrolls, 
on ball feet — Augsburg work of the 16th century 

56 A Small Oval Ditto 

57 A Silver-gilt Monstrance, of Gothic design, with a kneeling 

figure of an angel beneath a canopy surmounted by a spire, on 
stem of open Gothic design and foot — 14 in. high 

58 A Silver-gilt Xef, the sides chased with waves and sea-monsters, 

with square sail and crow's nest, with scroll handle and spout, 
forming a drinking- cup 

59 A Large Table-knife, with steel blade and wood handle, inlaid 

with figures of female cooks, dead game and fish, and band of 
silver engraved with sporting scenes 



60 A Lamp, formed as a dragon, the lid formed as wings, the stem as a 

figure of a boy, on oblong foot, with ornaments in flat chasing — ■ 
8£ in, high 

61 A Jug, of old German greystone ware, with masks and ornaments 

id relief on the neck, the lower part fluted and incised, with 
silver cover, chased with cherubs' heads and fruits, and engraved 
silver handle, the lid inlaid with a coat-of-arms, painted in gold 
and colours upon glass. Vide illustration 

62 A Jug, of old German glazed faience, coloured green, with cinque- 

cento silver cover, chased with scrolls, flowers, and fruits, the 
thumb-piece formed as a mermaid, and with border and foot of 
silver, with ornaments in flat chasing. Vide illustration 

63 Nine Large Mounts for a Book Cover, of pierced and engraved 


64 A Silver Extinguisher, with applique arabesque ornament of 

engraved silver ; and a pair of scissors, with chased silver handle 

65 A Silver Medallion of Marie Antoinette, and four ditto of the 

Comte d' Artois — in old leather case, stamped with gilt fleur-de- 

66 An Oval Silver Plaque, with a large figure of St. Catherine and 

smaller figures in relief in a landscape — in wood frame, carved 
with flowers and scrolls— 4 J in. by 3f in. 

67 An Oval Silver-gilt Plaque, chased with a shepherd and three 

sheep in the centre, the border pierced and chased with cherubs' 
heads, scrolls and wreath of foliage — 4J in. by 4 in. 

68 A Cylindrical Case, with silver-gilt ends, and centre of filigree, 

with rosettes and ornaments in relief, containing the Jewish 
Scroll of the Law 

69 A Hexagonal Silver Case, with flowers and foliage in low relief, 

partly enamelled blue, containing the Jewish Scroll of the Law 

70 A Larger Ditto, of plain cylindrical design, with ribbed bands, 

and surmounted by a partly gilt ornament, and containing the 
Scroll of the Law 


71 Six Small Silver-gilt Kat-tailed Spoons, with flat shield- 

shaped handles ; and six steel-pronged forks and six knives, with 
round silver-gilt handles, in old fish-skin case, mounted with 
metal gilt — maker s mark, P. H. 

72 A Small Silver Casket, with dome top and gilt borders, lock and 

key engraved with six subjects from the Old Testament, by Simon 
de Passe (who practised at Copenhagen in 1640, and also in 
England), with hall mark, on gilt ball feet — 4 in. high by 3J in. 

73 An Oval Silver Dish, the centre chased with a boy in a land- 

scape playing on a pipe, the border boldly chased with flowers, 
foliage, and scrolls — 12f in. long. 

74 A Small Mirror, in oval silver-gilt frame, with chased border, the 

back engraved with a monogram — 5 J in. by 3f in. 

75 A Plain Silver Pap-spoon, with long spout, engraved with a 

shield of arms 

76 An Antelope's Horn, with silver toasting fork formed as a trident, 

the top mounted with silver, with ornaments in flat chasing 

77 A Pair of Goblets, formed of ostrich eggs, with rim, lining, and 

bands of silver, and silver stem and foot, with beaded edges 

78 A Vase and Cover, formed of a cocoa-nut shell, mounted with 

band and border of engraved silver, and openwork border of 
arabesque foliage on the lid — on vase-shaped stem and foot of 
chased silver — 7J in. high 

78a A Parcel-gilt Equestrian Statuette, of an Austrian Archduke, 
with gilt armour and trappings, on wood plinth, mounted with a 
circular plaque, curiously engraved with a bird's-eye view of 

78b A Silver-gilt Figure, of an armed knight on horseback, on foot, 
with shield of arms, surmounted by a coronet 






79 A Large Wooden Pipe Bowl, formed as a hand holding a ball, 

mounted with masonic emblems and other decorations of silver 

80 Another, of light-coloured wood, carved with Napoleon I. in a 

quadriga, and other figures, mounted with silver 

81 Another, of box- wood, formed as a group of grotesque masks, 

poodle dogs and monkeys, mounted with silver 

82 A Large Oblong Wood Casket, with dome-shaped top, entirely 

covered with silver chased with foliage in square medallions in 
gilt borders, and with circular gilt ornaments on ground decorated 
with flat chasing, and male busts in circular medallions at the 
ends. Vide illustration 


83 A Louis XVI. Shuttle shaped Patch-box, of ivory and dark- 

blue enamel, with gold borders, the lid inlaid with a small oval 
medallion, with peacocks at a fountain, set with small diamonds 

84 Another, of ivory and gold, the lid enamelled dark-blue, and con- 

taining hair in an oval medallion 

85 A Louis XYI. Gold Etui, enamelled dark-blue, and painted with 

a bust of a girl and a girl with a lyre in two medallions, and 
with flowers and other decoration in colours, and studded with 

86 A Scent-bottle, formed of a small gourd, engraved with numerous 

figures of soldiers and buildings, mounted with rim and stopper 
of gold, enamelled in colours, and with triple gold chain, partly 
enamelled. Vide illustration 

87 Another, with classical figures in two medallions, in scroll borders, 

and with cupids, shields of arms and flowers, enamelled gold rim, 
stopper, and triple chain. Vide illustration 

88 A Louis XVI. Ivory Case for Tablets, mounted with borders of 

chased gold, and with two miniatures of garden scenes and figures 
in grisaille, by Degaux — dated, 1766 

89 An Octagonal Case, covered with old morocco leather, stamped and 

gilt with arabesque ornaments, and mounted with engraved 
silver, the inside fitted to hold cigars 


90 An Oblong Vernis Martin Box, carved with a mythological 

subject in low relief, border of gilt scrolls, the inside containing 
four boxes of similar design holding counters 

91 An Oblong Metal-gilt Casket, inlaid with six large plaques of 

lapis-lazuli, the top and front engraved with a coat-of-arms, with 
dolphins and fleur-de-lis, surmounted by a crown 

92 A Louis XV. Oblong-shaped Casket, of mother-o'-pearl. encrusted 

with Chinese figures, birds and flowers in silver and gold, and 
with plants, flower? and scrolls of mother-o'-pearl, mounted with 
feet and borders of chased or-moln, surmounted by a figure of a 
harlequin, of ivory, encrusted with tinted mother-o'-pearl 
92a A Circular Box and Cover, of silver gilt, the lid and bottom 
formed of two plaques of lapis-lazuli, and decorated with oval 
bosses of white and red enamel and lapis lazuli, with white 


93 An Octagonal Box, formed of a yellow topaz of unusual size, 

finely carved and polished, and mounted with chased gold. 

94 A Louis XVI. Octagonal Flat-shaped Box, carved in jasper, 

mounted with gold, and with deep gold border, chased with 
arabesque foliage and flowers. 

95 A Louis XVI. Flat Oblong Gold Box, with engine-turned 

ornament, the lid chased with a group of flowers, in an oval 
medallion, and bouquets of flowers at the corners. 

96 A Louis XVI. Diamond-shaped Double Gold Box, enamelled 

dark-blue, and with pale-blue and white border, with scrolls and 
other ornaments, the lids painted with birds and foliage, and a 
bouquet of flowers on dark-blue ground. 


97 A Shaped Cup, cover and saucer, dark-blue and gold ground, the 

cup painted with two figures in a landscape in sepia, after 
Angelica KaufTmann, in border, with arabesques in grisaille, and 
a figure of a girl with a dog, in similar border, on the saucer. 

98 Another, nearly similar, with a nymph and Cupid, and a girl with 

a wreath, in two large medallions, in gilt borders. 





99 A Coffee-cup, cover and saucer, painted with Venus and Cupid, 
in two large medallions, in gilt borders, on dark-blue ground 

100 A Pipe, formed of an old Dresden figure of a pug, mounted with 

silver ; and a small seated figure of a cat 

101 A Pair of Small Groups of a Greyhound with a Hare and 

a Fox Killing a Cock — on white and gold plinths, of scroll 
design, with coloured flowers in relief 

102 A Group of a Greyhound Killing a Hare, similar to that in 

the preceding lot 

103 A White Figure of a Bird with Extended Wings, with gilt 

bands round the wings ; and a swan, with purple ribbons and 
coloured ornaments, in relief 

104 A Pair of Coloured Figures of Pug Dogs, seated on 


105 A Group of Two Large Figures of Boys with a Female 

Bust, emblematic of Sculpture — on white and gold plinth of 
scroll design 

106 A Group of Amphitrite and Cupid in a Car, decorated with 

festoons of coloured flowers, in relief, and supported by three 
figures of Tritons and mermaids, and with white and gold scroll 
plinth — 15 J in. high. Vide illustration 

107 Eight Knives and Eight Forks, of silver, with chased ferrules, 

with old Dresden porcelain handles, painted with birds, butter- 
flies, and landscapes, in raised gilt scroll borders 

108 A Large Cup, painted with two subjects of garden scenes, with 

Watteau figures, in colours, on white ground, and with gilt 

109 An Oval-shaped Tray, with basket border and gilt edge, painted 

with bouquets of flowers, in colours, on white ground 

110 A Barrel-shaped Mug, cover and oval stand, painted with garden 

scenes, and figures in four medallions, in borders, with gilt 
scrolls of flowers, on blue scale ground 

111 Twenty-two Silver-gilt Table-knives, nineteen ditto forks, 

and twenty-two spoons, with old Dresden porcelain handles, 
painted with flowers in colours, on white ground 



112 A Paik of Louis XIY. Or-molu Table-candlesticks, the stems, 

chased -with terminal winged figures, busts and ornaments on 
round feet, with border of similar design 

113 A Pair of Louis XVI. Or-molu Candlesticks, finely chased 

with lilies, foliage and borders of ornaments 

114 A Louis XVI. Hanging Inkstand, chased with a male bust, 

festoons and ornaments, and with two fluted inkpots and covers 
and branch with nozzle for a candle 

115 A Louis XVI. Cage Clock, in or-molu case chased with foliage, 

and beaded borders, with glazed panels. 

116 A Pair of Veined Grey and White Marble Vases, with 

Louis XVI. feet and necks of or-molu, chased with festoons, 
wreaths of foliage, and other ornaments 

117 A Pair of Oblong Pedestals, of antique Egyptian porphyry, on 

chased or-molu plinths — 7f in. by 3| in. 

118 A Louis XV. Oblong-shaped Inkstand, of ebony, with or-molu 

borders fluted and chased with ribbons, and scroll ornaments of 
or-molu at the corners and sides — 14 in. by 10J in. 

119 A Clock, in Louis XVI. case of statuary marble and chased 

or-molu, formed as a well — on square pedestal of metal gilt, 
formed as an inkstand, with four inkpots at the corners, and 
friezes of the same chased with scrolls 

120 A Louis XVI. Carriage Clock, in square Verms-Martin case, 

painted with flowers in blue, mounted with borders, galleries and 
ornaments of chased or-molu 

121 A Clock, by Bourdier of Paris, in Louis XYI. case of statuary 

marble, with a large seated female figure of or-molu on each 
side, and mounted with a plaque of the same, chased with figures 
of cupids illustrating the Sciences, a frieze of cupids and scrolls 
and other decorations in the style of Gouthiere, surmounted by a 
figure of a cock crowing, books and wreaths of laurel — 19 in. 


122 A Louis XV. Secretaire, of rosewood, with black and gold lao 

panels, and with river scenes, horsemen, and other figures in low 
relief, mounted with chased or-molu 

123 A Small Circular Marqueterie Table, with drawer and shelf 

beneath, the border inlaid with flowers, and mounted with 
ornaments of chased or-molu, white marble top and gallery 

124 A Louis XV. Oblong-shaped Marqueterie Library Table, 

with three drawers, inlaid with flowers, and mounted with or- 
molu, chased with flowers and scroll ornaments, the top covered 
with leather — 44 in. long 

125 A Louis XV. Parqueterie Cabinet, of rosewood, the top inlaid 

with a geometrical design of coloured woods, the front shaped 
and formed of two folding doors with glazed panels, mounted 
with masks, scroll foliage and borders of chased or-molu — 62 in 

126 A Louis XV. Marqueterie Writing-table, of triangular form, 

of tulip, rose, and other woods, the top inlaid with flowers, with 
drawers and cupboard beneath, mounted with feet and corner 
ornaments of or-molu, chased with scrolls 

127 Another — nearly similar 

End of First Bay's Sale. 

c 2 

Second Day's Sale. 

On WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1890, 



128 A Gold Vinaigrette, of spherical form, enamelled turquoise and 

white, and with the initials of the English days of the week and 
the days of the month in gold, in gold borders 

129 A Small Egg-shaped Gold Box, enamelled white, with red and 

green borders : containing a spherical gold box, and mounted 
with two diamonds — marriage ring egg 

130 A Circular Gold Memorial Locket of Napoleon I, chased 

with a wreath of laurel and surmounted by a crown, and con- 
taining a lock of hair and the letter " N " 

131 A Small Circular Bonbonniere, of bloodstone, with carved 

border set with diamonds and mounted with chased gold 

132 An Oval-shaped Scent-bottle, of striated agate, mounted with 

foot, rim, stopper and chain of gold 

133 A Fluted Scent-bottle, of lapis lazuli, with engraved gold 

border and stopper 

134 A Small Vase and Cover, of cut rock crystal, mounted with 

enamelled gold, the lid enamelled inside with a monogram 
and wreath of flowers 


135 A Small Circular Reltquaire, of rock crystal, mounted with 

borders and groups of fruit, of gold, enamelled in colours, and 
containing a miniature of the Crucifixion and bust of St. 

136 A Silver Scissor-oase, pierced, and with a bird, foliage and flowers 

enamelled in colours, containing a pair of scissors 

137 A Book-olasp, of pierced and engraved silver, with lions support- 

ing a crown, and intricate monogram 

138 A Circular Gold Band Bracelet, enamelled with flowers and 

foliage in colours 

139 A Pair of Scissors, with silver-gilt handles, chased with birds, 

flowers and scrolls 

140 A Louis XV. Purse, with gold frame, boldly chased with boys, 

scrolls and fruits 

141 A Telescope, by Chevalier, in Louis XVI. case of tortoiseshell and 

metal gilt, chased with a wreath of roses 

142 A Pair of Scales and Set of Brass Weights for Weighing 

Coins, in old stamped and gilt leather case 

143 An Oval Casket, of tortoiseshell, with rounded top, mounted 

with borders and bands of silver, with beaded edges and chased 
silver clasps 


144 A Louis XVI. Oval Gold Box, with chased borders and lines 

of white enamel, and with panels of light brown enamel, 
pencilled with trees in dark brown 

145 An Octagonal Louis XVI. Gold Box, with chased borders and 

engraved ornaments, the lid inlaid with an oval medallion of 
dark-blue enamel, with " Souvenir " in diamonds 

146 A Louis XVI. Circular Ivory Snuffbox, the lid formed of an 

ivory carving, in relief, of an interior with figures, after a 
picture by Boucher, in border of gold 


147 A Circular Snuffbox, of Russian niello silver, with a map 

of Russia on the lid, views and inscription on the border, and 
long inscription underneath, gilt inside, and stamped with 
several marks 

148 A Circular Silver Snuffbox, the top inlaid with a circular 

medallion of the Empress Catherine II. of Russia, and signed 
" C. Leberecht," in border engraved with festoons of foliage and 
flowers, the bottom of nielloed silver, with Cupid in a landscape 
in border of similar design 


149 Portrait of a Gentleman, with flowing wig and lace scarf, in 

water colours on blue ground, in gold locket, enamelled with the 
Grecian daughter, and classical figures in lake on each side 

150 Portrait of a Lady, in mauve dress, with lace border and ribbon 

in her hair, in large oval gold locket, with openwork back and 
letter P, and outer gold case, the border set with pearls 

151 Portrait of a Divine, with flowing hair, by Prieur : a small oval 

enamel, on gold 

152 Portrait of Louis XV., in blue robe, with fleur-de-lis in gold, 

in oval gold frame, with wide silver border of open design, 
formed as branches of foliage and set with pastes, surmounted 
by a crown of silver, enamelled red and white, and set with 

153 Portrait of Cardinal Richelieu, in armour, with large white 

collar : an oval enamel, by Petitot — in openwork silver-gilt frame, 
set with precious stones 

154 Portrait of Elector of Saxony, in armour, with lace scarf, 

by Petitot, in gold locket, with border of brilliants 

155 Portrait of a Gentleman, with flowing wig in armour, with 

lace scarf, fastened by a jewel — in silver filigree frame 

156 Portrait of a Gentleman, in armour, with flowiug grey wig and 

lace scarf, fastened by a jewel — in gold openwork frame, finely 
chased and set with pastes 


157 The Bishop of Mayence, in episcopal robe, with jewelled cross : 

an oval enamel, on gold, by P. Boys 

158 Francis II., as a young man, in black dress embroidered with gold, 

and ermine robe and black and gold hat with feather — in oval gold 
locket, with enamelled white border, and back of dark-blue enamel 

] 59 A Gentleman, in richly embroidered dress and blue collar : an oval 
miniature, on copper, with engraved back 

160 Portrait op a Lady, in rich dress and lace cap — in oils, upon 

copper — in octagonal silver frame 

161 Portrait of a Lady, in embroidered dress and necklace, with two 

rows of pearls — in oils, on copper, in oval metal-gilt frame 

162 A Lady, in dress, with ruff and pearl necklace with crucifix — in 

oils, on copper 

163 A Landscape, with a horseman and peasants on a road : an oblong 

miniature — in gouache — in metal-gilt frame 


164 A Large Boxwood Pipe, carved as a grotesque human head, 

with two seated figures of monkeys, lion's mask, and a hand, in 

165 A Figure of a Boy seated on Bocks : an old Flemish carving 

in boxwood — 10 in. high', and a larger ditto — 11 in. 

166 A Minute Carving, in boxwood, of two saints fastened to a 

stake — on square fluted marble pedestal — 2 in. high 

167 A Disc of Boxwood, elaborately pierced and carved with 

numerous figures of saints — 3 in. diam. 

168 A Draped Female Figure, holding a wreath— a carving in pear 

wood, in high relief — 10 in. by 4| in. 

169 A Square Boxwood Plaque, carved with an allegory with figures 

of Mercury and Minerva, in relief, and attributes — 5 J in. by 
5 in. — in ebony frame 


170 An Old Model of a Printing Press, of pear wood, engraved 

with ornaments 

171 A Group of Flowers in a Sculptured Yase — on plinth, with 

three medallions and portraits of Voltaire and other celebrities 
— on feet formed as lions, by Putman — signed, and dated 1790 

172 A Small Oblong Plaque, carved with Christ before Pilate, a 

composition of eight figures in high relief — If in. by If in. 
Vide illustration 

173 St. Martin dividing his Cloak, an oblong carving in boxwood 

in high relief — in old carved wood frame — 8 J in. by 6^ in. 

174 A Folding Chess and Backgammon Board, of wood, the inside inlaid 

with insects, fruits, flowers and borders of ornaments in coloured 
woods, a shield of arms outside, with motto, and date 1592 

175 A Venetian Inkstand, of wood, boldly carved with cherub's 

head, scrolls of foliage, and painted in colours and partly gilt — 
20 in. long 


176 An Old German Watch, in metal-gilt case, pierced and chased 

with foliage and flowers 

177 A Larger Ditto, in case of nearly similar design, the border 

engraved with ornaments in twelve compartments 

178 A Pair of Toy Pistols, with steel bands and flint locks, the 

stocks of metal -gilt chased with animajs and scrolls 

179 An Or-molu Model of a Cannon, chased^with terminal female 

busts — on carriage, engraved with scroll foliage and flowers 

180 A Pocket-knife, with engraved metal-gilt handle, containing a 

minute watch 

181 A Pocket-knife and Folding Fork and Spoon, with metal- 

gilt handles chased with dogs, bears, hares and stags in land- 
scapes, and scroll ornaments 

182 A Pair of Steel Pliers, with silvered handles, engraved with 





183 An Old German Metal-gilt Table Clock, of hexagonal form, 

the sides engraved with the stoning of Stephen and five other 
martyrdoms — on hronze feet, chased with wings and claws 

184 A Curious Old German Sun-dial, of grey marble, carved with 

figures, emblems, scrolls and shield of arms, in low relief, and 
partly gilt, and with Latin verses round the base 

185 A Circular Metal-gilt Plaque, chased with a subject from 


186 A Letter-weight, formed as a seated silver male figure holding 

a hammer, on metal-gilt pedestal, chased with scrolls — on silver 

187 An Iron Lock, pierced, and formed as a coronet 

188 A Curious German Vice of Steel, chased with male busts 

scroll and other ornament, of early 16th century work 

189 A Steel Hand-mill, with cut scroll ornament and rosettes in 


190 An Old German Inkstand, of steel and metal-gilt, engraved 

with scrolls, and inlaid with ornaments in gold, fitted with a 
candlestick and shade ; and pair of engraved steel snuffers 

191 A Curious Calculating Machine, arranged by John Jacob 

Sauter, of Esslingen in 1881-2, and constructed with the help 
of his workers, in or-molu frame supported by lions, and pedes- 
tal of statuary marble and or-molu, with five sheets of MS. 
containing instructions — in red morocco leather case 

192 A Curious Clock, with globular horizontal dial, supported on 

tall stem of metal-gilt, a figure of a negro with a halberd at 
the side, the movement and bell contained in a circular open- 
work pedestal engraved with ornaments — on octagonal plinth of 
the same, with ornaments in flat chasing — 11 J in. high 

193 An Old German Clock, with four dials, in square-shaped metal- 

gilt case of architectural design, with columns at the angles 
chased with foliage and flowers and surmounted by winged- 
terminal horses, the sides engraved with scriptural subjects, 
surmounted by an open dome and figure of an armed warrior 
— 13 J in. high 



194 A White Figure of a Monkey, with movable head 

195 A Pair of Small Chinese Turquoise Crackle Porcelain 

Groups, each with two seated male figures 

196 A Bottle, of Chinese turquoise crackle porcelain, formed as a 

double fish — 11 in. high 

197 A Pair of Cylindrical Celadon Green Match -pots, bamboo 


198 A Turquoise Crackle Stand, on three feet formed as masks 

199 Another, of semi-circular form 

200 A Turquoise Crackle Bamboo Pattern Match-pot, with foliage 

in relief inside and outside 

201 A Pair of Square-shaped Purple Jars, with figures, birds and 

waves, in relief, in four compartments 

202 A Square Vase, enamelled with flowers, foliage and rocks in 

colours on black ground 

203 A Fluted Hanging Fountain, enamelled with birds, foliage and 

flowers, in brilliant colours on white ground, and with borders 
of green and red, with flowers and foliage and colours, the 
spout formed as a grotesque mask, surmounted by two dolphins 
and a shell 

204 A Vase, with small neck, and dragons in green on white ground 

205 A Sweetmeat Tray, formed as a flower : consisting of nine 

shaped dishes, enamelled with birds and flowers, in green and 
colours on yellow ground — on wooden stand, and fixed together 
with metal bands 

206 A Pair of Eggshell Dishes, enamelled with finger citrons, 

pomegranates and flowers in brilliant colours, and with ruby- 
coloured backs 

207 A Grey Crackle Beaker, mounted with foot and rim of chased 

or-molu — 7 in. high 

208 A Turquoise Crackle Cup and Cover, with flowers in low 

relief, mounted with or-molu . forming an inkstand 


209 A Circular Bowl and a Kylin, of old Chinese turquoise 

crackle porcelain — on Louis XV. stand of or-molu, 
chased with foliage and rocks 

210 A Pair of Small Seated Figures of Monkeys, of Chinese 

turquoise crackle — on or-molu plinths, chased with scrolls 

211 An Inkstand, of the same, mounted with chased or-molu 

212 A Pair of Seated Figures of Monkeys, on Louis XV. or-molu 

plinths, formed as rocks, and chased with foliage 


213 A Pair of Old Dresden Vases, with blue may flower in relief, 

each painted with garden scenes and figures in colours on gold 
ground, in borders of raised coloured flowers and foliage — 8 in. 

214 A Stick-handle, painted with two subjects of garden scenes and 

figures, the end formed as the head ot a pug-dog 

215 Another, painted with flowers, and formed as a lion's head ter- 

minating in a scroll 

216 A Pair of Figures of a Negro with a Tray and a Negress 

with a Basket of Fruit, in coloured drapery — on plinths 
encrusted with flowers 

217 A Pair of Small White and Gold Vases, painted with birds 

and insects, on white and gold square-shaped pedestals, and 
surmounted by groups of coloured flowers 

218 A Pipe- bowl of Dresden Porcelain, formed as a male head 

with fur cap, and painted in colours and mounted with metal 
gilt ; and a tobacco-stopper, formed as a female leg — in old 
stamped leather case 

219 A Fountain, with two figures of swans and a dolphin, on stem 

formed as three figures of boys with drapery, painted with 
flowers in colours — on plinth formed of shells and rock- work 


220 A Group of a Male Bacchanal Seated upon an Ass, and 

three other bacchanalian figures, with coloured drapery and 
grapes and vine leaves — on white and gold plinth, decorated with 

221 A Group of Cupid and Psyche, with a helmet, sword, &c. — on 

white and gold scroll plinth 

222 Another, with two cupids with drums, &c. — on plinth, with flowers 

in colours in relief 

223 A Pair of Figures of a Girls with Hurdy-gurdies 

224 A Pair of Fluted White and Gold Two-handled Yases, 

each painted with four bouquets of flowers in colours, and 
mounted with Louis XVI. feet, rims and handles of chased 
or-molu — 7i in. high 

225 A Pair of Busts of a Boy and Girl, with coloured drapery, 

painted with flowers, and each wearing a cap, with a group of 
coloured flowers in relief — 6 in. high 

226 A Figure of a Gentleman, in pale-blue coat and yellow waist- 

coat, painted with flowers— on white and gold scroll plinth, with 
a lamb and flowers in colours ; and a lady, on similar pedestal, 
the companion 

227 A Large Coloured Figure of an Elephant, with white trap- 

pings and scroll ornament, gilt border and tassels 


228 A Pair of Oviform Vases, of Derbyshire spar, mounted with 

handles, rams' heads and festoons of laurel, cover and foot of 
chased or-molu — 7J in high, in a box 

229 A Pair of Louis XV. Candlesticks, boldly chased with 

scrolls — signed Caffieri 

230 A Louis XIV. Inkstand, of inlaid tulip wood, with shaped or- 

molu border chased and engraved, on feet formed as terminal 
masks and fitted with two inkpots of old Chinese grey crackle 
porcelain, mounted with or-molu 



231 A Watch Stand, of black boulle, mounted with a mask, scrolls 

and other ornaments of chased or-molu 

232 A Louis XV. Watch Stand, of coloured boulle, with flowers on 

white ground, mounted with scroll foliage and ornaments of 
chased or-molu 

233 A Louis XIV. Watch Stand, of red boulle, with engraved 

scroll ornaments, mounted with a figure of Hope, masks, ara- 
besques and scrolls of chased or-molu, containing an old French 
watch, by Gaudron, in Louis XIV. metal-gilt case, chased with 
animals, birds and other ornaments 

234 A Large Oblong Louis XIV. Tortoiseshell Casket, the lid 

mounted with chased or-molu, by Boulle, representing Apollo in 
a quadriga, terminal figures and scrolls, and with cupids and 
scrolls at the sides — on four feet, formed as terminal male busts 
— 13 in. long by 9 J in. wide. Vide illustration 

235 A Pair of Oviform Grey Crackle Vases, with mask handles, 

and Louis XIV. mounts of chased or-mulu 

236 A Louis XV. Inkstand, of inlaid tulip and rose wood, with or- 

molu candelabrum for two lights, with a Chinese figure and 
branches of foliage and fruit, and mounted with masks, festoons 
and claw feet of chased or-molu 

237 A Vase and Cover, formed as a large convoluted pearl shell, with 

Louis XV. or-molu foot chased as a group of rock work, shells 
and coral, the upper part mounted with foliage and berries of 
boldly chased or-molu — 7 J in. high 

238 An Old French Writing-desk, covered with morocco leather 

and stamped with a coat-of-arms, fleur-de-lis, crowns and 
monogram " A. L." 

239 A Louis XVI. Bronze Vase, of globular form, with chased or- 

molu cover — on gilt stand, formed as two figures of swans, 
bearing festoons of foliage, and circular chased pedestal of the 
same — 14 in. high 

240 A Pair of Louis XIV. Wall-lights, chased with masks in 

high relief, scrolls and other ornaments, and with branches for 
one light each 


241 A Clock, by Breguet, in Louis XVI. case formed as a fluted half 

column of veined yellow and red marble, with chased or-molu 
ornaments in the flutings, on verde antique base and marble 
pedestal, surmounted by a large or-molu figure of Cupid, with 
a drum and pipe — 18 in. high 

242 A Pair of Louis XV. Or-molu Candelabra, of scroll design 

with branches of foliage and flowers for five lights each, each 
fitted with a figure of a bird of old Dresden porcelain of un- 
usual size — 18 in. high 

243 A Louis XVI. Clock, by Kevel, with enamelled dial indicating 

the phases of the moon and the days of the month, in or-molu 
case of architectural design, with fluted pillars at the corners 
and festoons of drapery suspended by cords, on oblong pedestal 
of the same, chased and engraved — on statuary marble plinth — 
19 in. high 

244 A Pair of Louis XVI. Candelabra, the stems formed of figures 

of a boy and a girl bearing flower-pots, containing lily branches 
for two light each on fluted pedestals of statuary marble — on 
or-molu plinths — 17 in. high 

245 A Clock, by Imbert L'aine, in massive Louis XVI. case of or-molu, 

surmounted by a seated figure of Time, seated on a cloud and 
holding drapery in his hand — on pedestal of the same, chased 
with a figure of Cupid in the act of sculpturing a lady's bust, 
and with a trophy and attributes in relief — 22 in. high 

246 An Oval Mirror, in or-molu frame, with openwork ornaments of 

honeysuckle design and foliage in relief in silver, on or-molu 
scroll-shaped supports, and oblong pedestal of the same, with 
honeysuckle ornament and foliage in relief : the pedestal con- 
tains a musical movement and four glass panels, with borders of 
or-molu, set with pastes enclosing figures, &c. — 20 in. high 



247 A Louis XV. Oblong-shaped Parqueterie Table, of tulip and 

other woods, inlaid with trellis ornament, scrolls and flowers of 
coloured woods, with fall-down front, mounted with chased or- 

248 A Small Shaped Louis XVI. Tulip Wood Table, with cupboard, 

and open panels mounted with scroll ornaments of chased or-molu, 
surmounted by a red and white marble slab, with brass gallery 

249 A Louis XVI. Mahogany Circular Table, on fluted legs, 

mounted with borders and ornaments of chased or-molu and 
gallery formed as festoons of drapery, the top formed of a veined 
marble slab 

250 A Louis XVI. Mahogany Secretaire, with revolving cylinder 

front and drawer above, and two large drawers below, mounted 
with borders, handles and gallery of metal gilt — 45 in. ivide 

251 An Oblong Louis XVI. Mahogany Knee-hole Writing- 

table, with drawers and cupboard, with folding doors and six 
drawers above, mounted with handles, borders and ornaments 
of or-molu — 45 in. wide 

252 A Louis XV. Commode, of rosewood, with inlaid borders, shaped 

front and two drawers, mounted with scroll ornaments, flowers 
and handles of chased or-molu, and surmounted by a Breccia 
marble slab, with shaped and moulded border — 52 in. wide. 
Vide illustration 

253 A Louis XV. Upright . Secretaire, of rosewood and other inlaid 

woods, with falldown front, enclosing six drawers, and folding 
doors beneath, mounted with scroll ornaments of chased or- 
molu at the corners, and surmounted by a Breccia marble slab 
— 33 in. wide 

254 A Pair of Square-shaped Torcheres, of ebony, each with 

four classical heads in relief, and with arabesque foliage, 
wreaths of flowers, and other decorations in high relief —about 
5 feet 4 in. high 

255 A Louis XIV. Cartonniere, of black boulle, inlaid with scroll 

ornaments of chased metal gilt, with four drawers and small 
cupboard in the centre 

End of Second Day's Sale. 

Third Days Sale. 
On THURSDAY, MAY 8, 1890, 



256 An Oval Horn Snuffbox and Cover, the lid carved with a 

shield-of-arms and crest of Sir Francis Drake, ship and scrolls, 
with motto, and signed " 0. Brisset, fecit " 

257 A Small Ivory Paintbox, formed as a book, mounted with 

silver, and inscribed, " Boyal Academy of Arts, 18th December, 
1768, Sir Joshua Keynolds, Kt., President " 

258 A Bonbonniere, of old Chelsea porcelain, formed as a lady's head 

in a cap with feather, and wearing a mask, the eyes formed of 
coloured stones, the lid formed of an oval plaque of bloodstone, 
mounted with chased gold 

259 A Pendant Gold Seal, chased and enamelled with a male and 

female portrait in grisaille, and with dark-blue and white enamel 
borders, and mounted with a blue intaglio with a figure of 

260 An Old English Gold Pendant, with openwork border and 

loop chased with scrolls, and set with polished emeralds, con- 
taining the hair of King Charles I., and the initials C. E., and 
minute figures of cupids bearing a crown in gold, the back of 
white enamel, C. E. in black, and crown 


261 The Gold Badge worn by Members of the Pitt Club, the 

top chased with laurel foliage, and with portrait of William 
Pitt in the centre, of Tassie's enamel, the back engraved 
" Valentine Morris, Esq." 

262 An Oval Gold Badge, for a master of the ceremonies, enamelled 

with iEsculapius, Hygeia, and two other figures in grisaille, on 
purple ground, and chain pattern border of blue and white, the 
back enamelled dark-blue, and with inscription, " Concord, 
Order, Decency," inserted on the front, " Margate, mdcclxxii." 

283 An Enamelled Gold Memorial Bing, inscribed " Kt. Hon. 
Spencer Percival, ob. May 1812, setat 49," engraved inside, 
" Died by the hand of an assassin " 

264 A Small Elizabethan Oval "Watch-case, of silver, with gilt 
and engraved border 

255 A Battersea Enamel Tray for Card Counters, with fluted 
and pierced border, painted with flowers and ornaments, the 
bottom painted with bank-notes, playing-cards, and money ; and 
four smaller ditto, coloured pale-blue, and painted with playing- 


266 Lady Hamilton, after Komney, by C. E. Bone, a large oval 

miniature on ivory — signed, and dated 1827 

267 Portrait of Colonel Fitzherbert, in black coat and broad 

white stock, in gold frame, with back of dark-blue enamel, and 
initials in gold 

268 Portrait of a Lady, in red velvet dress — signed /-pollen, 1831, 

in chased metal-gilt case with hair at the back 

269 Portrait of a Lady, in yellow dress, enamel, by A. H. Groth — 

signed, and dated 1746 

270 Queen Elizabeth, by Isaac Oliver, in oval metal-gilt frame 

271 Portrait of a Gentleman, in black coat, with powdered hair, in 

gold frame, with dark-blue enamel back 

272 Lady Churchill, attributed to Lely, in oval silver-gilt frame 

273 Portrait of a Gentleman, in green coat and yellow waistcoat 

in oval gold locket 



274 Portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montague, in Turkish 

costume — signed G. S., in gold frame 

275 Alexander Irvine, Esq., M.P., in military uniform, in oval 

enamelled locket, with long inscription inside 
270 Portrait of John Beaumont — signed F. R., in metal -gilt locket 

277 Portrait of a Lady, in grey dress and black head-dress, in 

brooch, set with pastes 

278 Portrait of a Gentleman, in Roman costume, by R. Cosway 

279 George IV., by R. Cosway, in oval frame set with pearls 

280 Henry YIIL, in circular enamelled gold frame, with red enamel 

back and white border 

281 Portrait of a Gentleman, with black scarf and powdered hair, 

in chased silver-ffilt frame 

282 Charles II., in small oval locket 

283 Mrs. Siddons, by J. Downman, A.R.A., in oval gold frame 

284 Portrait of a Boy, in brown dress and large black hat, with 

ostrich feather 

285 George John, Earl Spencer, and Lavinia, Countess Spencer — 

two circular miniatures, in single frame — signed, and dated 1793 

286 Portrait of Flora Macdonald, in rich Highland costume 

287 Portrait of a Lady, with ruff and large black hat, by Cooper 

288 Richard Cromwell, by David de Grange — signed 

From the Northivich Collection, formerly Lord Palmerston's 

289 Portrait of a Gentleman, in blue dress and flowing wig, by 

Bernard Lens 

290 Portrait of a Gentleman, in brown dress and white cravat, by 


291 Portrait of the Old Chevalier — in oils, on copper — in oval 

metal-gilt frame 

292 Portrait of a Lady, in a ruff — in monochrome, temp. Queen 


293 Portrait of a Lady, in black dress and lace ruff — on copper 

294 Portrait of a Lady, in ruff, with white band round her neck — 

on copper 


295 Portrait of a Lady, in brown dress, in oval locket, enclosing a 

miniature military trophy at the back, with initials " F.M.," in 
gold locket with border of hair 

296 Portrait of the Pretender : a relief, in ivory, on mother-of-pearl, 

in enamelled gold locket set with pearls, with black and gold 
enamelled back, and enamelled border, formed as a snake 

297 Portrait of a Gentleman, in black dress and hat and large ruff, 

— dated 15S0, in or-molu frame, mounted with panels of blood- 
stone — temp Queen Elizabeth 

298 Queen Mary — in small oval enamelled gold locket, with monogram 

299 Portrait of Arabella of Bohemia, in rich dress, with jewels 

and string of pearl's, ruff and jewelled head-dress — in oval gold 
locket, enamelled blue and white, by J. Hoskins — signed — in 
old shagreen case 

300 The Earl of Northumberland, in black dress with white collar 

and blue scarf — a large oval miniature, by J. Hoskins — signed 
— in the original frame of Louis XIII. enamel on gold, with 
black and white enamel border, the back painted with a cascade, 
with figures and goats in the foreground 


301 A Large Cup and Cover, of old Chelsea porcelain, painted with 

garden scenes and children in two large medallions, in gilt 
borders, and with wreaths of flowers and other decoration in 
gold on dark-blue ground, with white and gold scroll handles — 
6 in. high — in a morocco leather case. Vide illustration 

302 An Ecuelle, cover and stand, of old Chelsea porcelain, beautifully 

painted with garden scenes and children in six large medallions, 
borders richly gilt with flowers and other decoration, on dark- 
blue ground. Vide illustration 

303 A Pair of Boxes and Covers, formed as coloured figures of 


304 A Figure of a Man with a Basket of Fruit, a dog at his 

side — on scroll plinth, with flowering plants -8 in. high 

D 2 


305 A Seated Figure of a Female Musician — on plinth, encrusted 

with flowers 

306 A Figure of a Male Musician — 6 J- in. high 


307 Seven Feuille-de-Choux Plates, painted with flowers 

308 Six Ditto Large Cups and Saucers 

309 An Ecuelle and Cover, with twisted handles, painted with 

flowers, and with blue and gold borders 

310 An Ecuelle and Cover; and two oval stands — similar 

311 A Cabaret, with green and gold wide-trellis ground, painted with 

bouquets of flowers in shaped medallions, consisting of plateau, 
sucrier and cover, milkjug, and two cups and saucers 

312 A Pair of Oval-shaped Salt-cellars, of old Sevres porcelain 

painted with flowers in colours, on white ground, in gilt medal- 
lions of scrolls and flowers, on turquoise ground 

313 Four Large Plates, with white centres, painted with bouquets of 

flowers, and turquoise borders, with groups of flowers, in borders 
gilt with flowers and scrolls, by Michaud 

314 A Flat-shaped Gros-bleu Vase and Cover, with white and 

gold scroll handles, terminating in spirals, and acanthus foliage 
in low relief, in white and gold — on square metal-gilt plinth. 
Vide illustration 

315 A Turquoise Tulip-shaped Yase, with white and gold scroll 

handles, painted with Cupids, clouds and emblems in two large 
medallions, on white ground, on borders of flowers and scrolls, 
in gold — 8 j in. high 

316 A Turquoise White and Gold Vase and Cover, with broad 

band of key-pattern in relief, the neck decorated with four 
circular busts, painted in grisaille, on raised circular medallioDs, 
suspended by white and gold ribbons, and gilt festoons of laurel 
in high relief, and white flutings, with gilt edges — 12 in. high. 
Vide illustration 








317 A Scent-bottle, formed as a bouquet of flowers, and branches of 

foliage tied with a ribbon, the stopper formed as a butterfly 

318 Another, formed as a group of two dolphins on a shell, with silver 

stopper, and enamelled French motto 

319 A Scent-bottle, formed as a man bearing a dog, and leaning 

against the trunk of a tree 

320 Another, formed as a lady dancing 

321 A Larger Ditto, formed as a group of a boy and girl, encrusted 

with flowers, the stopper formed as a group of roses 

322 Another, formed as a group of three children gathering fruit, the 

stopper formed as a flower 

323 A Group of a Boy and a Girl Dancing 

324 A Pair of Groups, of two figures of a young boy and girl with a 

violoncello and drum, and bag-pipes and a music-book — on 
Louis XV. plinth of or-molu, chased with foliage — 7J in. high 

325 A Group of a Lady and Gentleman Dancing 


326 A Pair of German Ivory Carvings of Grotesque Human 

Figures, with movable arms and legs 

327 An Early German Triptych, of wood, the centre and wings 

elaborately carved with figures and buildings in high relief, 
painted and gilt, illustrating the history of Christ 

328 A Group of a King and Two Attendants: a very early 

carving in ivory 

329 Portraits of Voltaire, Mirabeau. and one other portrait : a 

circular carving, in ivory, in low relief 

330 A Bust of Voltaire, beautifully carved by Eosset, signed — on 

Louis XVI. fluted pedestal of or-molu, with festoons of flowers 
in relief — 6 in. high 


331 A Cylindrical Box and Cover, with turned ornament; and a 

small turned ivory box and cover 

332 A Small Telescope, of metal gilt — in ivory case, formed as a 


The following have been Exhibited at the Sports Exhibition, 
Grosvenor Gallery. 

333 A Silver Powder Flask, the centre chased with hunting subjects, 

and with rams' heads, festoons of fruit, and other decorations on 
the border 

334 A Small Circular Priming Flask, of tortoiseshell, inlaid with 

flowers, foliage, and birds, of engraved gold and mother-o'-pearl 

335 A Curious Powder Flask, formed of a lobster's claw, mounted 

with silver, engraved with flowers and French motto, " Eiens 
sans vous " 

336 A Buck's-horn Powder Flask, engraved with a portrait and an 

allegorical group of Charity, in a landscape 

337 An Italian XVI. Century Horn Powder Flask, mounted with 

metal gilt, chased with^ busts, lions' masks and arabesques of 
open design 

338 A Buck's-horn Powder Flask, carved with equestrian and other 

figures, lions' masks, scrolls, &c, in relief 

339 An Italian XYI. Century Hunting Knife, with steel hilt, 

chased with military trophies, scrolls, and arabesques — in old 
leather sheath, with brass mounts 

340 A Hunting Horn, carved and mounted with silver 

341 A Carved Wooden Cross-bow, of the 16th century 

342 A Gun, the stock elaborately inlaid with ivory 


343 Two Small Figures of Boys, in an attitude of adoration— on 

wood pedestal 

344 A Figure of Cerberus — 7 in. high — on oblong ebony pedestal 




345 A Cup, on stein and trefoil foot, fluted and chased with classical 

subjects and children in twelve medallions and scroll ornaments, 
the stems with rams' heads, arabesque figures and reptiles in 
high relief, and with border of scroll ornament on the foot — 
7j in. high 

346 A Figure of a Horse, the hind leg3 extended and fore legs 

raised in the attitude of rearing — on oblong ebonised plinth — the 
bronze 9 in. high 

347 An Inkstand, formed as a group of an ape holding a bambino, 

seated by a cradle, bronze partly gilt— on oval plinth supported 
by grotesque terminal figures of gilt bronze 

348 The Hermaphrodite, after the antique — 19 in. by 9 in. 

349 An x\ntique Bronze Figure of a Bom an Emperor, holding a 

ball — on square bronze pedestal 

350 Bust of a Child, with long hair — on black marble socle 

351 A Figure of Mercury, with gilt cap and wings — 23 in. high — 

on square pedestal of black boulle, the corners mounted with 
metal gilt. Vide illustration 

352 A Statcette of Antlnous, with drapery on his left arm and 

shoulder — 26 in. high 

353 A Pair of Grotesque draped Busts of an Old Man and 

an Old Woman — on ebonised pedestals 


354 A Monstrance, of metal gilt, chased with a " Pieta " in the centre 

under an arch, angels and columns at the side, a cherub's head, 
scrolls, and festoons of foliage above 

355 A Benetier, of metal gilt, inlaid with plaques of jasper, lapis 

lazuli, and agate 

356 A Bishop's Crozier, of metal gilt, elaborately chased with scrolls 

and arabesque ornament — Italian work of the 17th century 

357 An Azimuth Instrument, of metal gilt, pierced and chased with 

scrolls, and with a long Latin inscription — beneath is a perpetual 
calendar, with revolving or-molu dial, finely chased with the 
Sun, eagles, scrolls, and festoons of flowers 



358 A Pair of Turquoise Chinese Crackle Porcelain Figures of 

Babbits, on Louis XV. or-molu plinths, chased with scrolls — 
8J in. high 

359 A Turquoise Chinese Crackle Porcelain Seated Male 

Figure ; and a pair of ditto sacrificial cups, each on three feet 
— on Louis XV. stands of or-molu, of open design, chased with 
scrolls ; and the companion 

360 A Large Figure of a Bull-frog, of ancient Chinese porcelain, 

coloured green, and mounted on Louis XV. plinth of or-molu, 
chased with scrolls 

361 A Pair of Candelabra, with two old turquoise Chinese crackle 

figures of kylins, mottled with dark-blue, and bearing Louis XIV. 
or-molu branches for four lights each — on square porcelain 
pedestals with or-molu mounts and plinths — 15 J in. high 

362 A Pair of Old Chinese Coloured Porcelain Figures of an 

Owl and a Parrot, of mottled purple and other colours, on 
dark green openwork pedestals, formed as rocks— on Louis XV. 
plinths of or-molu, chased with scrolls — 11 in. high 

363 A Pair of Turquoise Chinese Crackle Porcelain Teapots, 

formed as fruits, with foliage in high relief, and with Louis XV. 
feet and wreaths of or-molu, chased with scrolls and foliage 

364 A Louis XIV. Gilt Wood Bracket, carved with a terminal 

female bust, festoons of flowers and other decoration ; and the 
companion, not gilt 

365 A Pair of Small Gilt Wood Brackets, carved with scroll 


366 A Pair of Ditto, the borders carved with scrolls, foliage and 


367 A Pair of Louis XVI. Supports for Wood Brackets, gilt, and 

carved with terminal male busts, festoons of flowers, and other 

368 A Pair of Carved and Gilt Brackets, with scroll ornament 

and festoons of foliage in high relief 


369 A Louis XIV. Wood Cradle, the corners carved with children's 

heads terminating in scrolls, baskets of flowers and scroll 
ornaments at the sides and ends 

370 A Pair of Louis XVI. Candelabra, the stems formed of a large 

bronze figure of a boy with a boar's head at his feet, and a boy 
with a stag's head, each holding a spear of or-molu, with three 
branches of the same, formed as hunting horns, with chased 
nozzles for candles — on griotte marble pedestals, mounted with 
chased or-molu — 37 in. high 

371 A Pair of Louis XVI. Vases and Covers, of antique Egyptian 

porphyry, with handles, each formed as two twisted snakes, on 
feet of fluted and chased or-molu, with square-shaped plinths 
formed of the same — 17J in, high 

372 A Louis XVI. Astronomical Clock, on statuary marble plinth, 

the front decorated with a bacchanalian trophy, painted in 
grisaille in border of chased or-molu — enclosed in a square- 
shaped glass shade, with metal-gilt borders and ebony stand 

373 A Louis XVI. Clock, with enamelled dial, indicating the days of 

the month and week, in lyre-shaped case, of old gros-bleu 
Sevres porcelain, mounted with festoons of flowers, wreaths of 
foliage, and other decorations, of chased or-molu, surmounted 
by a mask of Apollo and festoons of drapery, the pendulum set 
with large pastes 


shaped case of architectural design, with enamelled dial, in large 
oblong plaque of or-molu, beautifully chased with wreaths of 
flowers, suspended by a ribbon, and kneeling allegorical figure of 
Time by Goutiere, and with cupids supporting a lyre, female 
masks and ornaments above— on square wood pedestal, with 
metal-gilt borders, the movement engraved " Pioentzen et 
Kinzing Neuweid" — about 6 ft. high. Vide illustration 



375 An Old English Semi-Circular Pier Table, of mahogany, on 
fluted legs, with stretcher, the top painted with a lady in a land- 
scape, and cupids, by Angelica Kauffmann, and with festoons 
on the front, mounted with borders and ornaments of chased 

876 A Cabinet, of pollard wood, with rosewood borders, with black 
wood columns at the angles, folding doors, with oval looking- 
glass panels, on stand, with stretcher, the corners engraved with 
female heads 

377 An Oak 'Model of a Spiral Staircase, with carved balustrade 

378 A Mahogany Work-table, with rising top and drawer beneath, 

on stand, with stretcher and border of metal gilt 

379 A Hanging Letter-rack, of rosewood, with three panels, inlaid 

with scrolls of light-coloured wood, with curious lock 

380 A Pair of Small Square Mahogany Chippendale Tables, 

with carved and pierced borders 

381 A Mahogany Stand, for winding silk, formed as a lyre 

382 A Mahogany Folding Portfolio Stand 

383 A Parqueterie Work Table, with folding and rising top and 

drawer beneath, on curved legs, the feet mounted with or-molu 

384 An Oblong Table, of inlaid rose and tulip wood, fitted inside with 

backgammon board and boards for other games, the top formed 
of a large panel with chess and draughts boards, and covered 
with morocco leather, forming a writing table 

385 A Chippendale Pier-glass, in gilt frame, finely carved with birds, 

foliage, dolphins, and other ornaments, the borders inlaid with 
plaques of looking-glass, surmounted by an oval picture of two 
nymphs sacrificing to Pan, by Angelica Kauffmann 

386 The Companion 

387 A Looking-glass, in gilt openwork frame carved with flowers, 

scrolls, and wings 

388 A Pair of Shaped Oblong Stools, of walnut wood, carved with 

ornaments and covered with velvet 

389 A Sheraton Secretaire, of satinwood with rosewood borders, of 

semicircular form, with raised back and numerous drawers and 
brass gallery 

End of Third Bays Sale. 

Fourth Day's Sale. 
On FRIDAY, MAY 9, 1890, 



390 A Pair of Kibbed Venetian Glass Oviform Vases, coloured to 

resemble agate 

391 An Oviform Vase, of purple and white Venetian glass, mounted 

with arabesque handles, masks, and bands of chased metal-gilt — 
10 J in. high 

392 Another, smaller with scroll handles, terminal busts and ornaments 

of metal -gilt — 9 in. high 

393 A Fluted Green Vase, with metal-gilt handles, formed as dragons 

terminating in scrolls, and with masks, bands, and feet of the 
same — 12 in. high ; and one, nearly similar 

394 Another, with scroll handles, masks and bands of metal-gilt — 11^ 

in. high 

395 Another, with dragon handles, terminating in scrolls, masks, and 

bands of metal-gilt — 11^ in. high 


GLASS, enamelled with numerous figures and buildings in 
colours, on spirally fluted stem and circular foot — 8f in high 
From the Castellani Collection. Vide illustration 

397 A Large Figure of a Peacock, with body formed of green 

Venetian glass, and with head, breast, wings, tail and feet, 
of chased metal-gilt 



398 A Ring, chased with masks and scroll ornaments, and set with a 

large oval turquoise 

399 A Gold Papal EiNG,with chased and enamelled centre, set with a 

fine cameo carved with a boy's head in high relief, in cornelian, 
in border of enamelled gold set with eight pearls, the back 
inscribed, " Greg. XIII." 

400 A Gold Eing, elaborately engraved on both sides, with Latin in- 

scriptioDS, and with circular centre engraved underneath with 
an inscription, and set with a brown stone 

401 A Triple Gold Eing, the centre formed as a cross, and set with 

five rubies, chased and partly enamelled white 

402 A Gold Betrothal Split-ring, chased with scrolls and enamelled 

in colours, the centre with clasped hands and diamond enamelled 
border, engraved and enamelled inside with German in- 

403 A Memorial Eing, of gold, chased with fruits and scrolls, the 

centre formed as a coffer partly enamelled black, and containing 
a figure of white enamel 

404 A Betrothal Eing, formed of a broad gold band, and with clasped 

hands, heart pierced with arrows and rosettes, enamelled in 
colours and white in the centre 

405 A Gold Pendant Jewel, formed as a lizard, enamelled green 

with white belly and inlaid with cabuchon emeralds, suspended 
from a gold chain, with two pearls. Vide illustration 

406 A Eeliquaire, of gold, finely chased with dolphins, crowns and 

scroll ornaments on each side, the centre inlaid with an antique 
onyx cameo, carved with the miraculous handkerchief of Saint 
Veronica — Venetian luork of the early part of the 16th 
century. Vide illustration 

407 A Pendant Jewel, of gold and mother-of-pearl, formed as a 

galley, and containing a male figure and a figure of Cupid, 
enamelled in white and colours 





408 A Small Figure of a Monk holding a Cross and a Book 

— on gilt pedestal, with Latin inscriptions 

409 A Jewel, formed as a group of Lot and his daughters, enamelled 

in colours and mounted as a pin. Vide illustration 

410 A Pendant Ornament, formed as a hand carved in ivory, with 

cuff and ruffle of gold enamelled in colours, and with two gold 
rings set with precious stones. Vide illustration 

411 A Neck-chain, composed of twenty links with double clasp of 

openwork design, chased with scrolls, enamelled in colours 

set with emeralds and pendant pearls, with large ornament in 

the centre of similar design, supporting a pendant jewel of 

mother-of-pearl, pearls, and enamelled gold, formed as a lizard. 

Vide illustration 

411a An Official Chain, of silver gilt, consisting of twenty-six links, 

pierced and chased with scrolls, and with rosettes in relief, and 

clasp chased with a cherub's head 

412 St. George and the Dragon, enamelled in colours on gold, in 

oval agate locket, with engraved gold mount. Vide illustration 

413 Neptune with a Nymph upon Two Sea-horses, enamelled in 

colours on gold, and mounted as a pin. Vide illustration 

414 A Crucifix, of gold, the figure of Christ enamelled white, a 

kneeling figure of a monk in blue robe, and emblems at the foot, 
set with diamonds, and with pearl pendants. Vide illustration 

415 A Small Gold Triptych, with trellis ornament in very low relief, 

the centre and doors inside of six minute wood carviDgs 
illustrating the life of Christ 

416 A Square-shaped Kejjquaire, of gold filigree, with glass panels, 

containing minute carvings, in boxwood, of the Crucifixion and 
saints. Vide illustration 

417 A PENDANT GOLD JEWEL, formed as the reclining figure 

of a stag, of gold and pearl lusus naturae, supporting a seated 
female figure, on an oval vase of gold pierced and chased with 
scrolls, and inlaid with precious stones and pearls, suspended 
by four chains from a chased and enamelled ornament with 
pearl pendant. Vide illustration 




418 A Pair of Curved Oblong Ivory Plaques, carved with David 

and Goliath, and Judith with the head of Holophernes in high 

relief — 6 in. by 4J- in. 
418a A Pair of Ditto, with Joseph and Potiphar's wife, and the 

companion — in gilt frames 
41 Sb A Group of Infant Bacchanals — in gilt frame 

419 A Head of a Lady, a large carving in ivory, with chased bust 

of metal gilt — early Florentine work 

420 A Figure of a Triton seated upon a Dolphin ; and the com- 

panion — 5 in. high — 16$ century 

421 A Steel Knife and an Ivory Fork, the handles formed as 

male and female satyrs, and carved with grapes and vine-leaves, 
with silver-gilt ferrules enamelled in colours — early lQth 
century. Vide illustration 

422 An Ivory Group of the Madonna with the Sleeping- Infant 

Saviour on her Lap, in or-molu canopy of architectural 
design, with spirally fluted columns, the lower part chased with 
masks and flowers, supporting three arches, and surmounted by 
a triangular ornament with boys and arabesques in high relief — 
10J in. high 

423 A Small Ebony Casket, with rounded lid mounted with bands, 

lock and handle of steel, with niello silver ornament 

424 A Large Oblong Table-clock, in case of ebony and metal gilt, 

surmounted by a large seated figure of a lion, of or-molu, with 
movable eyes 

425 A Trigonometrical Instrument, of ebony, with pointer pierced 

and chased with masks and scrolls 

426 A Venetian Frame, of ebony, mounted with cherubs' heads and 

scrolls of metal gilt 

427 A Pair of Venetian Altar-candlesticks, of ebony, the stems 

mounted with or-molu chased with foliage, on triangular feet 
with terminal figures of angels of the same, the nozzles formed 
as crowns — 19 in. high 




428 A Bowl and Cover, of wood, the bowl boldly carved with a 

frieze of flying cupida and scrolls, the lid with cupids' heads, 
and festoons of flowers, on four feet formed as terminal female 
winged busts — 8 in. high 

429 A Group of a Madonna and Infant Christ standing upon 

a Serpent 

430 A Draped Statuette of a Female bearing a Casket— 7 J in. 

high, on ebony pedestal 

431 Ecce Homo, a bust carved in boxwood — earlij 16th century ivorh 

432 An Oblong-shaped Casket, of wood covered with leather, stamped 

with figures of saints in niches, and other figures in busts 
engraved with flowers and ornaments, and mounted with bands 
and borders of metal engraved with a French inscription — 
early 15th century work 

433 A Group of the Archangel Michael subduing Satan, ex- 

quisitely carved in boxwood, by Angelo Forno — 6-J- in. high — 
on square ebony pedestal and plinth of the same mounted with 
chased or-molu, enclosed in glass-shade with spirally-fluted 
or-molu borders 

434 A Palr of Groups of a Boy and a Girl with Bagpipes, and 

a boy and a girl with a flaming heart carved in boxwood — on 
plinths, the borders carved with scrolls — 4J in. high — glass 
shades and stands 

435 A Pearwood Frame, with arched top, carved with armed figures 

of warriors, boys, rams' heads and fruits in high relief — 15 in. 
by 10 \ in. 


436 An Oblong Plaque, with Europa and the bull, in high relief — 

5f in. by 9 in. 

437 An Upright Ditto, with Venus and Cupid supporting a helmet, 

in high relief — 8| in. by 7 in. 


438 A Large Oblong Plaque, with the Annunciation in relief — 

9 J in. by 14f in. 

439 A Group of a Triton, seated upon a dolphin, supporting a shell 

— 4 in. high 

440 A Square Altar-shaped Pedestal, chased with bacchanalian 

figures in four compartments, and arabesque ornament on the 
handles — 2f in. high 

441 An Oval Bronze Pendant Eeliquaire, chased with angels, 

cherubs' heads and emblems in high relief 

442 A Crucifix, with ebony cross, in carved and gilt frame, with 

arched top — attributed to Benvenuto Cellini 


443 Sigisaiundus Pandulfus de aTalatesta, 1417 -f- 1468, by Pisano. 


Bareheaded bust, in armour, of Sigismond to right, rev. opts* 
pisani • pictoris, Sigismond standing in complete armour, to left 
a tree supporting crested helmet, to right an escutcheon with 
arms— Armancl 1, No. 15, size 89J millimetres — fine, and very 
rare 1 

444 Sigismtjndus Pandulfus de Mat, a testa, by ATalleo de Paslis, 


headed bust to left, rev. mccccxlvl, escutcheon surmounted by 
crested helmet— -Armand 1, No. 14 

Isotta, wife of Sigismund, 1456 + 1470, by ITalleo de Paslis, 
d ' isottae • ariminen ■ hccccxlyi. Bust of Isotta wearing veil to 
right, rev. elegle, a book with clasps — Armand, var 1. No. 23 
— both fine 2 

445 Carbone, Lodovici, Poet of Ferrara, 1436 4- 1482, by Sperandei 

candedor * pvra ■ carbo ■ poeta " niye. Bust of Carbone wearing 
cap to left, rev. hanc • tibi • calliope • sery at • lodoyice • coro- 
nal - opys ' sperandei, Carbone receiving from the Muse, Calliope, 
seated bv a fountain, a wreath — Armand, 1, No. 13 4 


446 Hercules, II., Fourth Duke of Ferrara, 1508 + 1559, by Paslovino 

her • ii • ferr • mvt • rec ' Dvxun. • oarn • i, 1554, p. Bareheaded 
bust in armour to right, no rev. leaden medallion, size 75 
millimetres — Armand, 1, No. 35 1 

447 Mary, Queen of England, 1516 + 1558, by Trezzo, haria-reg. 

Bust of Queen Mary wearing coif and richly embroidered robes, 
rev. cecis'yisvs. Female figure seated, holding in right hand, 
laurel and palm, and with the left hand applying lighted torch 
to a pile of arms 1 

448 Cosmo de Medicis, Grand Duke of Tuscany, 1519 + 1574, Poggini 

cosmys • med • floren * et * senar • dvx • ii. Bareheaded bust of 
Cosmo, in armour to right, rev. pvblioae ■ commoditati. View 
of the Uffizi Palace of Florence 1 

From the de la Salle Collection 

449 Bronze Gilt Medallion. Head of Christ, rev. Hebrew inscription ; 

silver medal of Innocent XII, by Hamerani 1604, rev. figure 
of St. Peter, and view of Borne ; and a silver medal, by Hamerani, 
with heads of SS. Antony and Jerome, mounted in filigree 
border 3 

450 Silver Medallion, formed of two plaques, obv. warriors attacking 

lion in high relief, the rev. engraved with scenes in the life of 
Christ 1 

451 Chasing in Silver, of the medal of Mary Queen of Scots, after 

Primavera 1 

452 A Dutch Marriage Medal in Silver ; and a silver box, engraved 

with similar subjects 2 

453 Leaden Medallion, portrait of Durer's father, in the field J and 

the date 1514 — fine, and rare 1 

454 Oval Plaquette, after the antique, helmeted bust of Alexander 

the Great to right, the helmet decorated with a representation 
of the combat of the Centaurs and the LapithaB, inscribed 
alisandro ; a round medallion olr. diva • favstina : three- 
quarter bust, to left, of the Empress Faustina in high relief, rev. 
triumph of L. Aelius 2 


455 An Exceedingly Fine-shaped Plaquette, of elaborate work, by 

Moderno. The Virgin and Child seated within a niche, the roof 
composed of a shell, on either side elaborately decorated fluted 
columns, by the side of which stand the SS. Jerome and Antony, 
above a lunette containing a representation of Eesurrection, the 
whole decorated with garlands, cupids, &c, the reverse is inscribed 
s.g. (San Girolamo) s.a. (San Antonio), hoc ■ opvs ■ moderni ' c.c. 
— very fine, and exceedingly rare 1 

456 A. Rectangular Plaquette, by Moderno. The Martyrdom of St . 

Sebastian — fine 1 

457 A Shaped Plaquette : Mars offering cuirass, and Victory crown- 

ing a nude infant who is standing on an altar 1 

458 Two Rectangular Plaquettes, probably portions of a casket : 

1. The Death of Adonis ; 2. The Finding of Ariadne : in each 
the background highly finished with views, landscape, buildings, 
personages, &c, and enclosed in ornamental borders 2 

459 A Rectangular Plaquette, with moulded border, cupids at play, 

one, frightened, is falling backwards at the sight of a grotesque 
mask assumed by another, to the right two other figures, one 
playing on a pipe, the other holding a vase — very fine 1 

460 A Plaquette Subject : the Triumph of Religion 1 

461 A Round Plaquette, considerably chased: the Death of the 

Virgin, surrounded by saints, the pillow supported by angels, 
&c. 1 

462 A Very Fine Plaquette, inscribed d-franctscvs'petrarcha. 

Bust of Petrarch wearing close hood and wreath of laurel, the 
top of the plaquette is shaped, and the centre is decorated with 
a mask — very fine 1 

463 A Shaped Plaquette, " The Nativity " on the border surrounding 

the subject, the following inscription + pour ' nous ' demostrer 


domini — French, of Burgundian work — fin e, and rare 1 
461 A Bronze Medallion Head of Christ, nearly facing to right 

465 An Antique Bronze Statuette of Venus, beautifully modelled 
— 6} 2 in. high 



466 A Box and Cover, formed as a lemon, with coloured flowers and 

foliage in high relief— on Louis XV. stand of or-molu, chased 

with scrolls 


467 A Figure of a Sheep, partly coloured— on plinth, with coloured 

flowers and foliage in relief — 6 in. high by 7 in. long 

468 A Box and Cover, formed as a swan in the act of pluming itself 

— 6 in. high 

469 A Coloured Figure of a Partridge— on pedestal formed as a 

group of rocks, with foliage in colours 

470 A Seated Figure of a Wolf— on plinth encrusted with coloured 

flowers and foliage — 5 in. high 

471 A Curious Jug, formed as a squirrel with a fruit, the tail forming 

the handle — 5J in. high 

472 A Coloured Figure of a Bear— 5 in. long by 3 in. high 

473 A Pair of Coloured Figures of Parrots, on white stems 

formed as trunks of trees, with coloured foliage in relief — 4 j 
in. high 

474 A Figure of a Goldfinch, on stem formed as a trunk of a tree, 

with coloured foliage in relief — 5 j in. high 

475 A Group of a seated Male Figure, holding a crutch and 

caressing a lady with a dog in her lap, and two male figures in 
masquerade costume — on white plinth encrusted with coloured 
flowers — 7J in. high. Vide illustration 

476 A Large Figure of a Spaniel — on oblong metal-gilt plinth, with 

flowers and ornaments, in low relief 

477 A Group, formed of an old Dresden coloured figure of a horse, on 

plinth, with flowers and foliage, in relief, in colours, drawing a 
cart, of metal gilt, containing a tub and various vegetables — 
on oval wood plinth, ebonised and inlaid with brass 
From the Hamilton Palace Collection 

b 2 



478 A White Dresden Figure of an Eagle, with extended wings, 

and a white Vienna group of a bird, with three young in a 

479 A Vienna Cup and Saucer, painted with a large subject of Venus 

and Adonis, in colours, on light-grey ground, richly gilt 

480 A Nymphenberg Boat-shaped Basket Pattern Vessel, en- 

crusted with flowers and foliage in colours, the handle formed 
as a branch 

481 A. Complete Set of Chessmen, of old Frankenthal porcelain, 

eight of the pieces formed as beautifully modelled male and 
female busts, the remaining pieces finely modelled, and coloured 
white and gold and green and gold respectively — each piece 
marked — in the original case 


482 A Delft Ware Jug, painted with Chinese figures in a landscape, 

in blue, on white ground, and mounted with cover and rim, of 
old silver gilt, chased with flowers, the handle and foot with the 

483 A Pair of Curious-shaped Blue and White Delft Baskets, 

with pierced sides and two handles, the centres inside painted 
with Dutch river scenes, figures, boats, and cattle 

484 A Large Fluted Bowl, of old Rouen faience, painted with 

flowers, fruits, and insects, in colours, and with raised ornaments 
and borders, coloured brown ; and a circular dish, en suite 

485 A Globular Bottle, of French faience, painted with classical 

figures in a medallion, festoons and wreaths of flowers, and 
with grotesque masks in relief — marked, " L. 8" 

486 A Curious Jug, of faience, formed as a shoe, painted with pome- 

granates and flowers, in colours, on grey ground 

487 A Reclining Figure of a Poodle Dog, of Spanish ware — on 

plinth of the same, formed as a cushion and coloured 



488 A Circular Tazza, of Gubbio lustred ware, with a head of Cupid 

and arabesque foliage, in lustred brown, on dark-blue ground, 
the centre painted with a male figure, and a deer in a landscape, 
in blue — 10 J in. diam. 

489 A Bound Faenza Dish, painted with a male portrait in helmet, 

chased with masks and foliage, and armour, and with scroll 
inscribed " Prosper " — 8} in. diam. 

490 An Urbino Ware Dish, with deep centre painted with the Burning 

of Troy, with numerous figures in the foreground, inscribed 
"L'Incendio di Troia " — 15^ in. diam. 

491 A Circular Plate, with deep centre, painted with the Temptation 

of Adam, angels and arabesques on the border, inscribed 
" Adam et Eva " — lOf in. diam. 

492 An Urbino- ware Dish, with deep centre, painted with the Judg- 

ment of Paris, Mercury in the background, and a flying figure 
of Fame above, a river scene and mountainous landscape in the 
distance — 9| in. diam. 

493 An Urbino-ware Circular Tazza, painted with Moses receiving 

the Tables of the Law, and six other figures, with sheep in a 
landscape, a shield of arms above on the right — lOf in. diam. 

494 A Circular Fragment of a Dish, painted with the Triumph of 

Bacchus, inscribed underneath " trionfo di bacho" — 9 in. 

495 An Oval Urbino-ware Inkstand, painted with frieze of arabesques 

in colours, on white ground, and with raised coloured borders, 
on four claw feet, surmounted by grotesque masks and scrolls — 
12 in. by 9J in. 

From the Febvre sale at Paris, 1882 

496 A Pair of Oviform Urbino-ware Yases and Covers, painted 

with the Metamorphosis of Actason and three other mythological 
subjects, the handles formed as grotesque masks and snakes — 
signed — 16 \ in. high 

From the Duchess of Bovine' s Collection, Naples 


497 AN URBINO-WARE FLUTED CISTERN, with twisted horn 

and yellow handles, the inside painted with a triumph of 
Neptune, numerous Tritons and Nereids, buildings, and a 
mountainous landscape in the background, the outside painted 
with mountains and trees — on circular foot — 16 in. diam. by 
11 in. high 


498 A Circular Plaque, painted with a combat in grisaille — 1^ in. 

diam. Vide illustration 

499 A Circular Plaque, painted with a portrait of a lady and dress 

with puffed sleeves in grisaille, in old chased silver-gilt frame 
of open design — 3 in. diam. Vide illustration 

500 A Crescent-shaped Diadem, of metal-gilt, with chased border, 

with three plaques of early enamel painted with St. Jerome in 
a landscape, and two female saints under arches in colours. 
Vide illustration 

501 A Circular Plaque, of early enamel, with St. Jerome in the 

desert, before a crucifix, painted in colours, and Mount Calvary 
in the background — in silver-gilt frame of Gothic design — 3 in. 

502 An Upright Plaque, painted with a saint and two angels deliver- 

ing souls from Purgatory, painted in grisaille by Pierre Raymond 
— signed, and dated 1542 — in tall carved ebony frame of 
architectural design, inlaid with plaques of jasper, lapis-lazuli, 
and agate 

503 An Oblong Plaque, by Suzanne Court, painted with St. Hubert 

with a stag, horse and dogs in a landscape in colours — in 
smaller frame, of nearly similar design 

504 Another Plaque, by Pape, painted with the Annunciation in 

grisaille and colours — in similar frame 

505 A Large Oblong Plaque, of early Limoges enamel, painted with 

the Death of the Virgin and the twelve Apostles in colours and 
gold — in wood frame, with border of ivory exquisitely carved 
with animals and foliage — 8^ in. by 6J in. Vide illustration 

^ [iMlggraig Jig 




506 An Old French Folding Portable Sun-dial and Calendar, 

of ivory and ebony, the top engraved with the latitudes of towns 
and variations in time, containing inside a compass and dial 
with signs of the Zodiac, and inscriptions in French and Hebrew, 
and ornaments in gold, and signed " M. Le Bourgeoys a 
Sisieulx " 

507 A Folding Chess and Backgammon Board, of Italian mar- 

queterie, with initials " H. N." with iron hinges, and curious 
puzzle lock 

508 A Louis XV. Cartel Clock, by Gille l'aine, in or-molu case, 

chased with festoons of foliage and ornaments, and surmounted 
by a vase 

509 A Thermometer, in Louis XVI. frame, the upper part carved with 

a mask of Apollo and rays, festoons and wreaths of flowers, the 
borders richly carved with chain ornament and fleur-de-lis, the 
bulb enclosed in a covering of pierced and engraved metal gilt 

510 A Miniature Cabinet, with numerous drawers painted with land- 

scapes and figures, surmounted by a tier of open shelves 

511 A Pair of Louis XVI. Candelabra, each with a draped bronze 

female figure bearing branches of chased or-molu, for three 
lights, on circular pedestals of grey marble mounted with or- 
molu, and marble plinths — 30 in. high 

512 A Circular Cartel Clock, by <T. Baptiste, in Louis XV. or-molu 

case, chased with wreaths of bay, and surmounted by foliage, 
flowers and lyre-shaped ornament of boldly chased or-molu 

513 A Pair of Louis XVI. Or-molu Wall-lights, with branches 

for two lights each, chased with foliage, and suspended by 
tasselled cords and an arrow 


514 A Clock, by D. T. Dubois, in or-molu case, chased with rams' 

heads, festoons of laurel and flowers, surmounted by a vase — 
on plinth of the same, with seated female figures supporting a 
festoon of foliage — 28 in. high — on oblong ebonised pedestal 
mounted with borders and ornaments of chased or-molu, 
containing a musical movement 

515 A Clock, with enamelled dial in Louis XVI. case of or-molu, 

formed as a galley, with two allegorical male and female 
figures supporting a medallion, with portrait of Louis XVI. in 

516 A Cartel Clock, by Thiout, in Louis XV. case of or-molu chased 

with a female mask, scroll foliage, festoons of drapery and other 
ornaments, and surmounted by a two-handled vase 

517 A Chiming Clock, in Louis XIV. case of black boulle, of unusual 

size, richly mounted with a group of classical figures, cupids, 
boys, and borders of boldly chased or-molu, on boulle bracket, 
mounted with masks, foliage and borders of chased or-molu, 
surmounted by a figure of Time 

518 A Louis XVI. Work-table, on crossed legs of wood, surmounted 

by terminal female busts of or-molu, the front inlaid with 
circular white porcelain medallion portraits of Louis XVI. and 
Marie Antoinette, and circular plaque of or-molu, chased with 
the royal cipher, crown and wreaths of laurel 

519 A Louis XVI. Mahogany Knee-hole Cylinder Secretaire, 

with revolving front and writing slab, with three drawers above, 
and five drawers below — 63 in. wide 

520 A Louis XVI. Upright Parqueterie Secretaire, of inlaid 

tulip, mahogany and rose wood, and inlaid with square orna- 
ments of coloured wood, with falldown front and folding doors 
beneath, mounted with frieze of scrolls, borders and ornaments 
of chased or-molu, and surmounted by a Breccia marble slab 

521 A Louis XVI. Parqueterie Commode, with three drawers of 

rose and other woods, mounted with handles, scutchions, and 
ornaments of chased or-molu, and surmounted by a Breccia 
marble slab — 50 in. wide 


522 A Louis XV. Mahogany Cartonniere, with folding doors 
mounted with masks and borders of chased or-molu, and with 
inlaid metal-gilt borders, surmounted by a clock with five 
enamelled dials, showing the days of the month, week, &o, in 
case of inlaid wood, mounted with foliage and scroll ornaments 
of chased or-molu, and surmounted by a figure of a boy seated 
on a cloud, of the same — 34J in. wide. Vide illustration 


522a A Pair of Figures of Boys, representing Summer and Autumn 

— on black marble pedestals 
522b A Pair of Figures of Infant Satyrs — on veined green and 

black marble pedestals 
522c A Pair of Figures of Peasants, carrying a pack and a basket 

— on veined marble plinths 
522d A Large Group of a Man with a Hurdy-gurdy and a Dog 

— on Louis XVI. pedestal, of or-molu, chased with festoons of 


End of Fourth Bays Sale, and First Portion. 

N.B.— The Second Portion will be Sold on Tuesday, May 20th, and 

following days. 

London : Printed by Wm. Clowes & Sons, Limited, Stamford Street and Charing Crose. 




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